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The most valuable SNMP agent monitoring tool available. Includes excellent SNMP agent monitoring and SNMP agent backup utilities. Easy-to-use SNMP configuration utility (one click config backup) Easy SNMP configuration backup. Easy-to-use SNMP BULKFETCH utility. Quick & easy SNMP agent monitoring. MSSNMP Data Logger Crack Free Download Key Features: An information logger tool that can be used to monitor your network and to do remote configuration backup. Create and view various types of information about custom SNMP agents on your network (versions, SNMP MIBs). View information about all network adapters on your computer. View information about your computer's operating system. View information about network protocols (Ping, SMB, HTTP, etc). View information about your computer IP settings (subnet mask, IP address, TCP/IP stack, etc). View information about your printers and other devices (network devices, printers, scanners, etc). View information about your computer with different applications. View your computer network statistics (number of packets, files, bytes, etc). View your computer network connection information. View your computer network information (static IP, IP route, DHCP server, etc). View information about your computer's memory usage. View information about your computer's BIOS (and other firmware). View information about your computer's hardware (hard disk, disk usage, etc). View information about your network adapters (information about name and MAC address, IP address and subnet mask, TCP/IP stack version, etc). View information about your operating system (boot configuration, hard disk status, version, etc). View information about your system's time zone (city, time zone, etc). View the Uptime on your computer. Create configuration backups. Receive SNMP agents configuration backup. Execute remotely configured commands (e.g. restarting a computer). Create and save configuration backup. Delete configuration backup. Run a program when an SNMP agent event occurs (reboot, shutdown, hang, etc). Play a sound when an SNMP agent event occurs. Control your computer from a distance. Choose one of seven events from the list. Add a rule for filtering rules and run a program on the event occurs. Create custom notifications. Record info about your computer to the file. Run the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent a5204a7ec7

The main goal of the program is to provide comprehensive support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) which is an extremely popular network protocol in a number of areas. It works like a middle man between a server and a computer, and is used to monitor various parameters of the attached device. There are instances when SNMP will be used in order to quickly identify the contents of the data collected. Depending on the level of performance, it is implemented in diverse places, be it a router, a firewall or even a wireless access point. SNMP Data Logger Cracked Version is a software utility which can be used in order to get various information from custom SNMP agents from your network, as well as view summary statistics. Clean interface The apps layout is pretty minimalistic, seeing it only consists of a menu bar, a few buttons and a pane in which to display information. In addition to that, extension Help contents are included and therefore, both beginners and highly experienced people can easily learn how to handle SNMP Data Logger. Create configurations and alerts, and view stats This app can receive a list of variables and their values, so that you can easily solve certain network problems. It is possible to create multiple groups with this kind of information, as well as clone or delete configurations with just a click of the button. Aside from that, you can bring up summary statistics, including number of bytes, data packets and files received and sent, and create custom notifications. For the latter you are required to select an event from a built-in list, add filtering rules, run a specified program when the event takes place, play a selected sound (WAV, MID, MP3) and send alerts to one or multiple computers, e-mail them or display a message box on the local computer. Create configuration backups Last but not least, you can choose whether to save settings to the Windows registry or to an INI, clear the screen with just a click of the button, bring up the program protocol file and back up all your configurations, so as to be sure you do not lost any data. A final assessment The system’s performance is not going to be hampered by SNMP Data Logger, as it uses an insignificant amount of resources. All jobs are going to be completed in a timely fashion and our tests did not reveal any errors or hangs. Taking all of this into consideration, it is safe to say that this is a reliable piece of software, and a good choice for both power and novice users. Edit: I was